Buxton FC 1 v Hyde United 2 - 01/01/20 - ground #475 - Tarmac Silverlands Stadium

Back in late June, we decided to go away for new years for a change on national holidays. At first, I was slightly dubious about booking Buxton, incase we had a bad winter & it was burried in snow! As an addded bonus, when the fixtures came out, I was over the moon when Buxton were at Home on NYD! Thankfully, all went to plan in the end :) 
Wifey had a rest day in the hotel, whilst I ticked the sainsburys off in the morning & did the footy on the afternoon. This was only my 3rd game of the season, due to many reasons including shite weather, lack of local grounds to do, buying Christmas gifts etc...  arrived at the ground about 1.50, had a pint of Stowford Press in clubhouse, on next visit to bar, I discovered they did Magners Orchard Berries (winner!! been looking for it for years haha) , so ticked that off just in time for K.O. I got lots of strange looks from both sets of fans walking round taking pics in my BUFC hat! when I got round to the food hut, I decided it was time to grab a cheeseburger & chips (which was lush!), to beat the HT queues, after finishing it off, I joined the end of the Queue in the clubhouse for my HT pint. Hyde were 2 up at HT, a goal mouth scramble gave them the 2nd shortly before HT, then Bucks went down the other end & it the post & bar in their own scramble. Bucks got a deserved goal just after the break, but couldn't force an equaliser. despite the cold weather & result, I enjoyed been away watching footy again :)
£10 in, prog £2. 
season 2019/20 - 3 new grounds, 13 goals


Whitburn & Cleadon FC 2 v Hebburn Town U23 3 - 21/09/19 - ground #474 - New Fields

after a busy morning at home, I went to thornaby for the 11.40 to Sunderland, which was 7 late, after arrival at Sunnyland, I only had to wait a couple of mins for metro to Seaburn, followed by a short walk down to sainsburys to tick it off (even tho I'd been in 100's of times when I lived nearby, but wasn't counting them then!) , walked to morrisons for winners for train home, then short bus ride to whitburn & easy 10 min walk to ground. a brilliant end to end game finished the way of the away team. after bus back into city centre, had time for a pint in spoons (no winners on) before train home, which was also late, but no complaints :) 

season 2019/20 - 2 new grounds, 10 goals
transport -
156487thornaby - Sunnyland
4045+87 Sunnyland - Seaburn
E2 seaburn - whitburn
E2 whitburn - Sunnyland
158792 Sunnyland - stockton


Ferryhill Town 1 v Shildon Railway 4 - 14/09/19 - ground #473 - Mainsforth Sports Complex

51 Saturdays after my last footy match, it was time to get back on track again! as soon as I found out Ferryhill's new home was in same complex as Mainsforth CC, I made sure I'd get there during the cricket season for my visit :)
After ticking off the sainsburys, I walked down the hill to the sports complex. This was the 3rd venue I'd watched ferryhill play a home game at, only this had the added bonus of a cricket tick & to recomplete the Crook & District League again :)

after a nice hour in the sun watching cricket (and also at HT) it was time for the footy, even tho if you stood near the halfway line of the pitch & turned round, you had a nice view of the wicket to watch the cricket!
Ferryhill hit the post & bar before Shildon scored, who then ended up 3 up at HT, Ferryhill deserved more but luck wasn't on their side against a strong Shildon side. I got the bus back to Bishop outside the ground, grabbed a few winner ciders at morrisons for the train back to thornaby, which was a winner 142, which was nice :)

season 2019/20 - 1 new ground, 5 goals

Transport -
156469 - thornaby - bishop aukland
56 bishop bus station - ferryhill sainsburys local
56 sports complex - bishop bus station
142014 (winner!!!)  bishop aukland - thornaby


New Hartley Juniors 12 v Horden Community Welfare U18s 2 - 22/09/18 - ground #471 - New Hartley Welfare

I'd been wanting to do this ground for about 2 years, but wanted to do on same day as when SD were at home aswell,as it's only 5 mins away on the bus. This is Horden's first season in this league, so they'll need time to settle. NH are well established in this league & it showed. some well taken goals and 2 penalties in the space of 3 minutes around 37 mins eased them to HT. during the 2nd half I got the X7 down to SD to catch up with that game's first half. I even saw some chances and a goal whilst at the bus stop!

season 2018/19 - 5 new grounds, 46 goals :)

transport -
X10 stockton - eldon square
X7 haymarket - new hartley
X7 new hartley - seaton delaval

Seaton Delaval afc 3 v Seghill fc 2 (a.e.t) - 22/09/18 - ground #472 - Wheatridge Park

the bus stops next to the ground, where there was a lovely litle moggy wandering about outside :)

Seghill were 2 up at the break but couldn't get through to the next round. I didnt have much energy left by this time, as long bus rides knacker me! so I just took a few pics from the "car park end", and sat down to eat my bait & drink me juice & rest!

season 2018/19 - 6 new grounds, 51 goals :)

transport -
X7 seaton delaval - haymarket
X10 eldon square - stockton


Richmond Town Academy 1 v Leyburn Town 1 - 15/09/18 - ground #470 - Easby Field

A heck of a hike along a country path (even tho its only about 10-15 mins walk from the main road), just outside the market place, brings you out at this unique pitch. An explorer ticket was required for today, the footy was nice, but my main highlight of the day was Barton CC, another tick off the Darlington & District League & my last cricket game til next summer, unless I win lotto, then its off to NZ & aussieland :)

season 2018/19 - 4 new grounds, 32 goals :)

transport -
X66 stockton - darlo
X27 darlo - richmond
X26 richmond - barton
X27 barton - darlo
X67 darlo - fairfield


Loftus FC 2 v Thirsk Falcons 12 - 01/09/18 - ground #469 - Ben Scotts Playing Field

This season, the NRFL has been kind enough to give me 3 new local ground ticks. For the 2nd saturday running, an arriva day ticket was required (tho todays was £1 cheaper than last weeks). I timed my busses well both there & back, which was nice, even allowing for a sainsburys tick at Marske on the way there :)
Thirsk always had a good team in their Teesside League days, over the years their youth set up through the ages from early to senior has been commendable. after a couple of years gap, their senior side are back, and judging by today's showing, with a vengeance! They looked fit & fast and hungry for goals. Loftus FC are a brand new team, hopefully the lads will keep at it, as too many teams go down the plughole these days. Thirsk scored from the spot after a few mins & never looked looked lagging. The 5th was a class freekick! Loftus scored 2 in the 2nd half including a penalty of their own. I aim to visit Thirsk Falcons new venue this month, only leaving T.I.B.S FC U19s ground to re-complete the league again :)

season 2018/19 - 3 new grounds, 30 goals :)

transport -
X67 stockton - boro
X3 boro - marske
X4 marske - loftus
X4 loftus - boro
X67 boro - stockton


Barnard Castle Redwell Rangers 0 v Crook Town Wanderers 8 - 25/08/18 - ground #468 - Teesdale School

2 new teams joined the C&D league this season, Redwell Rangers and Darlo GSOB (which I've got planned to do on 08/09). This was my 3rd BC ground, all C&D league ticks, so it was an arriva day ticket day again. Redwell's 1st 2 games of the season saw them concede 19 goals & score 1. Crook were 3 up in 10 mins, so they must've feared the worst. Fair play to them tho, they give it a good go and HT was 5-0. Crook could've had more if not for some excellent saves.
next, it was cricket time, and a Darlo & district league tick (of which I've got a few planned in the coming weeks), I decided to do Cliffe CC, as Piercebridge was on the way back :)

Season 2018/19 - 2 new grounds, 16 goals.

transport -
X66 stockton - darlo
X75 darlo - barney castle
X75 barney castle - piercebridge
X75 piercebridge - darlo
X67 darlo - Fairfield