Stone Trough 5 v Hustlers 1 - 04/11/17 - ground #457 - Heworth Leisure Centre

thankfully, I woke up way before my alarm went off, and noticed this early 10.45 k.o. so grabbed all my crap together & dashed out for the X10 to heworth and a short walk up to the leisure centre.
last time I arrived here the game was off, so I was glad it was on this time ! the home side dominated most of the game. the 2nd half produced 2 of the best goals. a free kick from outside of the area scored by stone trough, then a late consolation goal - a deft chip over the keeper, which was celebrated as if it had gained a point or win :)
after the game I walked back to heworth metro and made my way to benfield.

season 2017/18 = 16 new grounds , 101 goals

transport -
X10 Stockton - heworth

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