Fawdon FC 2 v Rutherford A 3 - 28/10/17 - ground #454 - Coxlodge Community Association

it was explorer ticket time for this day out. the ground is about 10 mins walk from 3 metro stations - regent centre, wansbeck road & fawdon. I opted to leap off at the rc, arriving at the ground about 1.15. fawdon took the lead, but rutherford went into HT 2-1 up. the equalizer was something special! a cleared ball landed to a rutherford player about 20 yards out who proceeded to play abit of keepy uppy before lacing a shot over the keepers head into the net!
I left during the 2nd half for a 10 mins walk upto fawdon metro to make my way to the west allotment celtic game :)

season 2017/18 = 13 new grounds , 83 goals

transport -
X10 stockton - heworth
4074+08 heworth - regent centre

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