Chemfica 4 v Red Row Welfare 0 - 04/11/17 - ground #458 - Cochrane Park Sports Ground

arrived at benfield to watch Duram City U18s 1.30 k.o , only to see an empty playing area (next door to Sam Smiths Park). the bloke on the car park gate didn't have a clue about the U18s team. I later found out than benfield had cancelled the game at 9am due to water logged pitch, with nowt on twitter etc tho. gutted, I walked up the road to tick the chemfica part off of Cochrane park. I did a wander round, takin a few pics the went & sat up at the pavilion (instead of my usual walking up & down the touchline hoping for a decent action pic!) . turned out to be an easy home win. I nipped out abit early to make sure I caught the early X10 back down the A19 & avoid the mags v Bournemouth crowd.
so its another alliance ground ticked off, but I'd rather of did the U18s game & got down to 2 grounds to complete that league.

season 2017/18 = 17 new grounds , 105 goals

transport -
4074 + 08 heworth - monument
4037 +03 monument - walkergate
1 Cochrane park - grainger st
X10 Eldon square - Stockton

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