Stockton Town U18s 1 v ryton blacks u18s 2 (a.e.t) - 03/06/17 - ground #441 - Riverside Sports Complex

due to a farce with the buses, I missed the 11am train thornaby to darlo, which would've made the 11.41 to CLS. but I ended up on the 11.26 , which missed the 11.41 by 5 mins (trains are never late when you want/need them to be!!). so with plenty time to kill, I made the short walk over the road to Hogans, where a nice cold pint of Strongbow was enjoyed :)  the 12.41 to CLS was on time & a winner!! (only 3 TPE 185s are required now) , arriving just after 1. this league cup final game was advertised as a 1.30 k.o (as all games are throughout the season)  but started slightly earlier, so some of the match was missed, but didn't ruin the day. the top 2 teams in the league (Stockton finished 2nd) played out a close game on a hot day. FT was 1-1, with ryton winning it in extra time. 
after the game I had enough time for a brisk walk up to the station & caught an earlier than planned train back to darlo, this time just an 8 min wait in darlo was required til thornaby train :)
as it stands, I need 2 grounds to complete the DCFA U18s league, so hopefully they will be soon be ticked off next season :)

season 2016/17 -  29 new grounds , 119 goals

transport -
142079 thornaby - darlo
185114 (winner!!) darlo - CLS

185146 CLS - darlo
142022 darlo - thornaby

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