Sunderland West End 4 v Brandon United 3 - 08/07/17 - ground #442 - Silksworth Sports Complex

due to a rail strike, there was a limited service on the coast, so I did the 10.37 from Thornaby up to Sunderland to make sure I got there in plenty of time. when I got off the train, there was a royal Navy parade making its way through the City, heavily armed police were in attendance. after that, I walked up to Ashbrooke Sports club, home to Sunderland CC. (When I lived in Sunderland, I wasn't into Cricket ground hopping, so I've got a lot of catching up to do!) after enjoying some cricket, it was off to the footy. West End deserved their win, the scoreline could've been a lot more. Their keeper for the day was a 47 yr old left back who plays in the over 40s league! I shall see SWE again at the end of the month when they play away to Billy Town at bede college :)
due to the rail strike, my last train home was at 17.39, so I only had time for 1 round of Cider bingo in spoons, ticking off 3 winners, then a quick visit to the aptly named offy Amy's Winehouse for some cold cans of strongbow to enjoy on the train :)

season 2017/18 - 1 new ground, 7 goals.

transport -
142018+091 thornaby - Sunderland

33 silksworth - Sunderland
142065+026 Sunderland - thornaby

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