Boro Rangers 8 v St Marys 1947 1 - 02/12/17 - ground #462 - MFC Foundation 3G

after a day or so of rancid snow & freezing weather, my fingers were crossed for a local 3G to tick off, thankfully the Eston 3G was finally ticked ! St Marys haven't had a bad season so far, they also play their home games on 3G, so I thought this might've been a closer game. boro are currently stormin at the top of the league, and didn't look like slowing down today. 4 goals in each half, with a consolation for the visitors in the 2nd half, made sure boro won easily.

season 2017/18 = 21 new grounds , 127 goals

transport -
13 Stockton - boro
64A boro - eston leisure centre
64 eston leisure centre - boro
13 boro - Stockton

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