Northallerton Town 2 v Guisborough Town 2 - 16/01/16 - ground #401 - Southlands Centre

for the 5th game in a row, the shite weather meant it was a 3G pitch. This time it was a nice local one for me that I could use my travelticket to :)
I'd past this place loadsa times on the bus & finally now got to tick it off. Wasn't a bad game for a friendly, but I must admit I'm missing footy played on grass! With temperatures set to pick up abit towards the end of the week, I might finally get to a game on grass for the first time since november 14th 2015 :)

Season 2015/16 - 22 new grounds , 106 goals.

transport -
13 stockton - boro
9 boro - southlands centre
9 southlands centre - boro
13 boro - stockton

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