Durham City FC Reserves 10 v Sunderland Farringdon Detached FC 0 - 19/12/15 - ground #399 - Maiden Castle Sports Centre

Once again, I turned up to find that Durham weren't playing at Uni CC, place was deserted. As the weather hadn't been too bad, I made a couple of phone calls from numbers off NLZ. Turned out the game was being payed at nearby Maiden Castle. I happily made the short walk round as MC was a winner ground too.
The game was mainly 1 sided. Durham were 5-0 up after 30 mins! The scoring continued strait after HT. I had hoped to tick some real ciders off in the city centre, but all the decent pubs that sell it were full of lager swilling revellers, so I decided to give it amiss & get early train home :)

season 2015/16 - 20 new grounds , 94 goals :)

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142016 thornaby - darlo
185124 darlo - Durham
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156444 darlo - thornaby

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