Sunderland Farringdon Detached FC 1 v Sunderland Oddies FC 6 - 19/09/15 - ground #391 - hetton Lyons Industrial Park

I had planned to do west auckland v bowes, but as I'd been to bishop 2wks in a row, I thought a change of scenery was in order & another DACL ground tick. I went to Hetton Lyons CC last month, this ground is only 5 mins or so walk from there :)

only Sunderland Uni, Seaham New Westlea & KIllingworth YPC grounds remain to complete the DACL & all are doable next month!
Next saturday I'm off to Darlo to see Travellers Rest (formally Model T / hole in the wall) v Sunderland Hall Farm in the Durham MInor Cup. Should be a crackin game! :)

season 2015/16 so far - 12 new grounds , 48 goals :)

transport -
X7 stockton - peterlee
X35 peterlee - hetton
X35 hetton - peterlee
X7 peterlee - stockton

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