Murton AFC 1 v Redheugh 1957 1 - 11/07/15 - ground #380 - Meadowfield Leisure Centre

Finally, footy day is back !! An arriva day ticket was required, for this day.
arrived about 1.30, it was a 2pm k.o so walked about 30 seconds away & found myself at the bottom of Brandon CC ! I ticked the ground off last year, but was nice to watch some bonus cricket before the footy :)
I heard the refs whistle, which meant cricket viewing was over for now & was time for my first footy game of the season :D

both goals were scored in the 2nd half. after the game, I went to watch Willington CC :)

transport -
X12 stockton - durham
46 durham - meadowfield
46 meadowfield - willington
46 willington - durham
X12 durham - stockton

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